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Art of Attack is a motorsport store located in the foothills just outside Los Angeles, California. They sell only the highest quality aftermarket performance parts for your Japanese and European racecars. They also produce and sell high-quality, small-batch products and driving apparel.

This store is a passion project. Launched by a small team of like-minded enthusiasts who love building, driving, and racing well built good looking racecars. Their Southern California HQ is a 12,500 square foot warehouse with several bays, a sea of racecars and a few thousand square feet of racks filled with authentic wheels, aero kits, seats and more. Check out their website and Instagram to get a better feel for what they're about!

Art of Attack Website
Art of Attack Instagram
Art of Attack YouTube

RushHour RP offers an immersive environment featuring story-driven interactions, gripping storylines, active forums, regular development, a friendly community, unique mechanics and dedicated law enforcement, to name a few. Whether you are new to roleplaying, or a seasoned veteran, we welcome you to Rush Hour. We uphold a high standard of roleplay with a whitelisting process, and an active and helpful staff team. First thing to do is read through our rules, this will go through and explain each rule and guideline that you'll need to follow whilst playing on the server. After you've read the rules then head over to the allowlist page to apply. If you have any questions, reach out through our Discord. See you soon!
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